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Your November knack box

What's in your box

1. 100g jesmonite AC100 liquid​

2. 250g jesmonite AC100 powder

3. 5g white pigment

4. 5g coloured pigment

5. 1 x biodegradable large mixing cup

6. 4 x biodegradable small mixing cups

7. 5 x mixing sticks

8. 1 x reuseable silicone mould

9. 2 x biodegradable single-use nitrile gloves (latex and powder-free)

10. Piece of greaseproof paper

11. Piece of sandpaper

What you'll need at home

1. A bin bag or some newspaper to cover your desk/table (this one could get messy!)

2. A scale

3. A bowl of water

You can watch the workshop recording below - if you bought a one off box check your purchase confirmation email for the password!

More About the Workshop

  • You'll get the best workshop experience using a laptop or tablet, but you can use a phone if need be (don't forget the charger!)

  • You'll need to place or prop your device on the workspace you'll be using, with enough space to craft in front of it

  • We love seeing what you make so please share pictures with us of your knack box and creations - in progress and/or finished and tag us @theknackbox on social media if that's your thing.

  • We have extra jesmonite kits available (AC100 liquid, AC100 powder, and pigment) for those of you who develop a passion for it - you can buy these below!

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