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Your June knack box

Scroll down to read importance instructions about how to care for your plants before the workshop!

Inside you'll find:

  • 3 glass test tube containers

  • 3 glue dots

  • Curved tweezers

  • Spray bottle ​

  • Organic coco substrate (aka Coir) (in a white glassine bag)

  • Lava rock (in a white glassine bag)

  • Vermicast (in a white glassine bag labelled 'V')

  • Bun Moss (looking a little bit chubby its own bag and wrapped in slightly damp kitchen roll)

  • Pilea Depressa (aka Baby's Tears) (in the petri dish)

  • Peperomia Prostrata (aka String of Turtles) (the plant with leaves that look like turtle shells in the petri dish)

If you ordered upgrades, these will also be included in your box.

All project items come in a mailer box made from 90% recycled materials.

Plant care


To keep your plants healthy before the workshop, please do the following using room temperature water: 

1.  Bun Moss – You’ll find this in the biodegradable zip lock bag. Take this out and submerge it in some water for a few seconds. Then take it out, squeeze out as much of the water as possible and then put it in a closed lid container (e.g. Tupperware) to keep it from drying out. If it starts to look like it is drying out or goes brown, repeat this process.

2.  Tropical plant cuttings – You’ll find these within the petri dish. Fill the spray bottle with some water and give these a couple of squirts each day. You should keep these in the petri dish but open it up to air them once a day. 

Also, keep the coir and lava rock away from water for now!

What if something is missing from or broken in my box?

We pack all of our boxes very carefully, but accidents can happen.  If something is missing or broken from your box, please contact us as soon as possible at and we will try to resolve it - usually by sending you a replacement.

What you'll need at home

A pair of scissors, a bowl, some kitchen roll and access to water.

The Workshop

You can watch the workshop recording below - if you bought a one off box check your email for the password!  if you're using a monthly or a gift membership, click the 'subscriber video' button.

The workshop recording is now available.


More About the Workshop

  • You'll get the best workshop experience using a laptop or tablet, but you can use a phone if need be (don't forget the charger!)

  • You'll need to place or prop your device on the workspace you'll be using, with enough space to craft in front of it


After the Workshop

  • We love seeing what you make so please share pictures with us of your knack box and creations - in progress and/or finished and tag us @theknackbox on social media if that's your thing.

  • The workshop recording will be available the week after the workshop - you'll get an email to let you know when it's ready to watch (it will be on this web page)

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