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Your January knack box

What's in your box

1. 12g cocoa butter

2. 14g olive wax (packaged in recyclable and compostable glassine bags)

3. 15ml safflower oil

4. 2 essential oils (orange & lemon OR peppermint & spearmint - plus any extras you purchased as upgrades)

5. 2g pink shimmer mica powder

6. 3x 10ml metal tins

7. 3x labels for the tins

All come in a mailer box made from 90% recycled materials with a bio-degradable wood wool void filler.

What if something is missing from or broken in my box?

We pack all of our boxes very carefully, but accidents can happen.  If something is missing or broken from your box, please contact us as soon as possible at and we will try to resolve it - usually by sending you a replacement.


You've heard of recyclable packaging, but what about re-purposeable packaging? 

You'll notice the essential oils  in your box are packaged in a seed pot.  These are made from recycled paper pulp, and you can either put them in the recycling or compost OR you can use them to grow something! You could try using a seed from a chilli, tomato or pepper that you ate and enjoyed - or maybe coriander or fennel from the spice rack? Whatever you choose, we'd love you to share a picture with us and tag us @theknackbox, and we hope it provides a positive reminder that spring is around the corner.

What you'll need at home

1. A saucepan and a glass jug - to melt the ingredients in a bain marie

2. A cooling rack or heat proof board

3. You'll need to set up near the hob for this one!

4. A metal spoon or a chopstick (for stirring)

5. A few teaspoons

6. Your knack box of course!

7. Optional: Any extra balm mixture can be stored in a sealable container e.g. glass jar

The Workshop

You can watch the workshop recording below - if you bought a one off box check your email for the password!

If you are using a monthly or gift membership, choose the 'Subscriber Video'

More About the Workshop

  • You'll get the best workshop experience using a laptop or tablet, but you can use a phone if need be (don't forget the charger!)

  • You'll need to place or prop your device on the workspace you'll be using, with enough space to craft in front of it

  • We love seeing what you make so please share pictures with us of your knack box and creations - in progress and/or finished and tag us @theknackbox on social media if that's your thing.

  • We have extra balm supplies available for those of you who want to make more - you can buy these below.

Need a little help with Veganuary?

As part of our vegan theme this month, we've teamed up with vegan meal delivery company PEP Kitchen!

You can get 15% off your first order of delicious chef-made frozen meals with discount code PEPXKNACK15

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