Your March knack box

Inside you'll find:

2 x lino blocks (one big one and one smaller one)

1 x lino cutting tool handle

5 x lino cutters

1 x Versafine ink pad (in the colour you chose)

3 x sheets of tracing paper

3 x pieces of plain card

All project items come in a mailer box made from 90% recycled materials with a bio-degradable wood wool void filler.

What if something is missing from or broken in my box?

We pack all of our boxes very carefully, but accidents can happen.  If something is missing or broken from your box, please contact us as soon as possible at and we will try to resolve it - usually by sending you a replacement.

What you'll need at home

As well as your knack box, you'll need a pencil and paper (to sketch out your design on).

The Workshop

The live stream workshop is scheduled for 1pm on Sunday 21st March 2021 and is due to last 1.5 hours, until 2.30pm

You can use the button below to access the workshop

If you need them, the Webinar ID is 972 9654 7190 and the passcode is 251645

More About the Workshop

  • You'll get the best workshop experience using a laptop or tablet, but you can use a phone if need be (don't forget the charger!)

  • You'll need to place or prop your device on the workspace you'll be using, with enough space to craft in front of it

  • The workshop will be held on Zoom as a webinar

  • You don't need an account to join, but you will get a better experience if you download the Zoom app (this will only take a minute or so) rather than running it through the browser

  • You'll also get a better experience if you have more bandwidth - so try to limit other people using your internet connection at the same time as the workshop as much as possible

  • Feel free to join a few minutes before 1pm especially if you're not familiar with Zoom

  • You won't be able to turn on your camera or microphone for the majority of the workshop, but will be able to add questions or comments in the chat throughout, and have the option to turn on your camera and mic towards the end

  • The workshop will be recorded - but only Mike's part - your own audio or screen will not be


After the Workshop

  • We love seeing what you make so please share pictures with us of your knack box and creations - in progress and/or finished and tag us @theknackbox on social media if that's your thing.

  • The workshop recording will be available the week after the workshop - you'll get an email to let you know when it's ready to watch (it will be on this web page)