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What's in your box - October 2020

The dye

1 x 15g pack of Marigold Flower Heads

1 x 15g pack of Coreopsis 

1 x 15g pack of Dahlias

(The Scabiosa Melange used in the workshop is no longer available so we have replaced this with a similar

flower, although the pinky purple colour produced is a bit duller than the Melange's)

1 x Pukka LOVE Teabag

(All the plants are contained in recyclable, compostable & biodegradable glassine bags)

Mordant agent

1 x pack of iron powder

(Contained in a 100% compostable sandwich bag)

Product to be dyed

1 x 55x55cm silk piece


1 x 40cm undyed string

2 x biodegradable single-use nitrile gloves (latex and powder-free)

All come wrapped up in eco-friendly tissue paper from No Issue and contained in a recyclable mailer box

made from 90% recycled materials

Additional Dyes

You can add some other colours using some natural products from your kitchen. Ceilidh will show you to use

the following to make additional dyes:

  • Onion skins (colours range from orange to green!)

  • Coffee (brown)

  • Turmeric (yellow/orange)

  • Red cabbage (purple through to green)

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