Previous Projects

Natural Dyeing

October 2020

October was an international affair with BillyNou Apparel beaming in from across the Channel to show our members how to dye a silk garment using flowers & food waste

Glass Bead Hair Clip

July 2020

In this collaboration with sustainable womenswear brand SABINNA, our members learnt how to create a stunning hair clip using just assorted glass beads and wire 

Macrame Plant Pot Hanger

September 2020

We partnered with Hampshire-based Made by Rachel. Their multi-talented founder taught our members how to design their very own plant holder using modern macrame

Polymer Clay Earrings

June 2020

Next we teamed up with the incredibly popular Flamingo Jewellery. They showed our members how to create amazing earrings using various colours of polymer clay


August 2020

Our most popular project yet! The extraordinary Worcester Terrariums taught our members how to create their own ecosystem using bun moss and two tropical plants

Soy Wax Candle

May 2020

We partnered with Happy by Harper who taught our members how to create a soy wax candle with a scent of their choice along with two gift cards using dried flowers

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