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"The world of plants is utterly enchanting and I try to add a bit of that magic to each terrarium"

This is a guest post by Ben Newell, founder of Worcester Terrariums.

Hi! I'm Ben, founder of Worcester Terrariums. I make and sell a variety of terrariums, ranging from an apothecary jar the size of a marble to a carboy the size of a beach ball. In case you were wondering, a terrarium is defined as a glass container that houses plants and is usually sealed, creating a miniature water cycle; as the water evaporates it hits the top of the container and falls back to the soil level, keeping the plants watered. As a result of this, the humidity inside the terrarium is also raised, which creates a tropical environment for the plants to grow in.

I am obsessed with plants. From the epiphytic Ficus that grows on moist tree trunks in Asia to the creeping Selaginella that glows an iridescent blue on the forest floor, the world of plants is utterly enchanting and I try to add a bit of that magic to each terrarium that I make.

Though I've always found plants interesting, my true introduction to them came in 2015 when I took on an allotment with a friend. I focused on growing fruits and vegetables that I couldn't buy in a shop and had four wonderful years tending to the 1/16th patch. This is where I learned the basics of horticulture and even though vegetable growing and terrariums aren't obviously similar, there are transferable skills between the two. I gave up the allotment when I started Worcester Terrariums as there simply wasn't enough time to manage the two.

I started Worcester Terrariums as a side business in September 2019 and fully launched it in the following November. Since then, sales have been steady and the business has grown. I wasn't able to access my workshop during the lockdown period so I focused my energy on my social media pages and they really took off, in particular Instagram. I get messages from people all over the world asking for help and advice on their own terrariums, which is something I always enjoy responding to. I try to answer every message, where possible.

While still in its infancy, I'm incredibly excited about Worcester Terrariums and where it's going. I think there are a few misconceptions about terrariums and a lack of good quality information in general. I hope this is something I can help to address as making and caring for terrariums can be an incredibly satisfying and joyful pastime.

I'd like to thank the team at knack for giving me the opportunity to host the workshop; Elly, Laurie and Jan were a pleasure to work with. It was the first time I have seen terrarium kits sent out deconstructed so I was delighted to see them looking so good afterwards! 

Ben is the founder of Worcester Terrariums, and led our August live stream workshop to show our members how to make and care for a globe terrarium.

You can buy a terrarium kit and access to Ben's video here.

You can see more and - if you're lucky enough to live in the Worcester area - purchase Ben's terrariums on his website and stay up to date by

following Worcester Terrariums on Facebook and Instagram.