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"The world of plants is utterly enchanting and I try to add a bit of that magic to each terrarium"

This is a guest post by Ben Newell, founder of Worcester Terrariums.

Hi! I'm Ben, founder of Worcester Terrariums. I make and sell a variety of terrariums, ranging from an apothecary jar the size of a marble to a carboy the size of a beach ball. In case you were wondering, a terrarium is defined as a glass container that houses plants and is usually sealed, creating a miniature water cycle; as the water evaporates it hits the top of the container and falls back to the soil level, keeping the plants watered. As a result of this, the humidity inside the terrarium is also raised, which creates a tropical environment for the plants to grow in.

I am obsessed with plants. From the epiphytic Ficus that grows on moist tree trunks in Asia to the creeping Selaginella that glows an iridescent blue on the