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"The hands on mindfulness"

This is a guest post by Eveline Zemla, founder of Flamingo Jewellery.

It is true that mindfulness isn’t for everyone.

As a psychologist I am fully aware that focusing on breathing can be tricky or even almost impossible for some people. Staying still can be difficult too. However, if you incorporate the idea of paying attention to a concrete detail or concrete item in front of you, you can put your mind in peace. Therefore I always find the hands on activities to be the most relaxing.

Image: craft handmade creative clay jewellery shapes mindfulness relaxing

For instance, I love to bake. And I love to share the cakes with my friends. But how many cakes can you bake? I really needed to find a hobby. Something that will be my new exciting mindfulness-to-go activity. Something that will help me to relax after a busy day at work and something that doesn’t require guided imagery, closing eyes or breathing and counting to 10.

I know, these things help to relax too, just not for me! I need to create... use my hands to arrange a piece of something that I can share with others or keep for myself if I need to.

So many options are there for anyone who wants to explore their creativity. Painting, crocheting, model making, cooking and finally jewellery making. And once you have tried and realised: ‘Wow, that works for me’, you want to learn and try even more.

This is the exact idea behind Flamingo Jewellery. I personally treat jewellery making as a mindfulness activity. When I work with clay, resin and some small pieces I forget about what happened during the day, or what’s happening tomorrow. It’s only here and now.

The colours matter. The shapes matter. The final result matters. And the best part is that I can share it with someone who will use it and create some beautiful memories wearing my pieces. It’s a win win situation. There’s nothing more beautiful than a mindfully created piece.

This idea connected me with the founders of knack for their June box. The opportunity to share why I create jewellery and to show the mindfulness behind it fitted perfectly to this project. I can’t wait to see what else will be in the upcoming boxes. So let’s be mindful and create...

Image: creative craft handmade jewellery founder Eveline relaxing psychologist mindfulness

Eveline Zemla is the founder of Flamingo Jewellery, creating handmade jewellery and accessories. She is also a qualified psychologist.

You can see more and purchase Eveline's pieces on her website and stay up to date by following Flamingo Jewellery on Facebook and Instagram.