“Slow stitching and slow living are the way to preserve cultural handcrafts”

This is a guest post by Yiran Duan, founder of Yi Crafts.

Hi, I am Yiran, founder of YICRAFTS and a member of Bai ethnic minority.

Born and raised in a little village in the southwestern Yunnan province of China called Dali (大理镇), I am an advocate for cultural craft preservation of the Bai people and other ethnic minorities’ cultural crafts. I work to share and inform others of different cultural handcrafts through workshops and handmade products.

Growing up, I was greatly immersed into my family’s business of traditional Bai architecture and indigo textiles, which built my interest in working with textiles and crafts. I came to London in 2015 to study costume and fashion design, but soon realized that the thousands of cultural ethnic traditions of China were seen as a singular culture and were very underrepresented in the Western eye.