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"It's the process of making that's important"

This is a guest post by Rachel Farmer, founder of Made By Rachel.

I’m Rachel and I am the designer and creator at Made By Rachel. I design and handcraft a collection of beautiful polymer clay and sterling silver jewellery, and bespoke gifts from my riverside studio in Hampshire. My jewellery collection is modern, stylish, and one of a kind. With everything handmade, from colour mixing the clay, moulding and shaping the beads, earrings and pendants, and adding individual details, you can never create the same bead twice, so every customer gets something truly unique!

My craft is a passion, and has been a means of release to me over the years. Crafting has had a huge benefit to both my mental and physical health, giving me inspiration, motivation and a sense of achievement.

handmade craft wall hanging creative project

Creating has always had a place in my life, as it has for many of us, but it was only when my mental health declined that I realised how important creativity was to my wellbeing. That realisation motivated me to actively include time to be creative in my day. Even if it was just half an hour of crochet, watercolour or mixing up some clay; having that bit of time set aside to do something creative would leave me feeling more relaxed, positive and