"I love the way it enables me to let go and get completely lost in making"

This is a guest post by Cass Barron, founder of Bookbinding With Cass.

Hello there, I’m Cass – a Bookbinder, Maker, Community Artist and Nature-lover based in Edinburgh. I am passionate about the craft of bookbinding and inspiring people across the land to transform remnant and recycled materials into unique and usable books!

Making a book from scratch, by hand, is such a satisfying process and there is something quite special about writing or drawing in a book you have made to your own specifications! Handmade books make great gifts too with lots of opportunity to add

personal touches that make them as unique as the person you are gifting them too.

In this blog post I will share a bit about how I came to bookbinding, why I love making books out of upcycled materials so much and hopefully inspire you to give it a go yourself!

When I say I am a Bookbinder, some of the common questions I get asked are: