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"I love nothing more than to have that hour to myself getting crafty"

This is a guest post by Katie Hill, who runs All Kinds of Different.

Hey, I’m Katie!  I’m a 33-year-old devoted wife and mummy to 3 boys aged 12, 9 and 14 months.  I love being a mummy, but it’s challenging at times - now more than ever with the home schooling and current situation.  I am from Nottingham, UK and have lived here all my life!  I love Nottingham, it’s got some amazing places to visit – my favourite is Wallaton Hall as I have some great childhood memories there which have followed with my children too. 

As well as being a stay at home mum I am also an influencer working from home.  I collaborate with hundreds of amazing people and companies to support and showcase their company and products - which I absolutely love!!  It keeps me sane from being just a mummy 24/7 and helps me maintain my own identity outside motherhood which is really important.  

I run All Kinds of Different which showcases tons of different products, and one of the things I enjoy most is connecting with people via my Instagram page and Facebook group. 

I started All Kinds of Different around 5 months ago and I never expected it to take off how it has.  I have a few friends that have small businesses, and for some it became a struggle for them when this pandemic started. I decided that promoting small businesses may help and it all started from there!  Now I’ve promoted hundreds of companies to help give their products a boost and it feels amazing knowing I’m helping them.

After having my third baby (he’s 14 months now) I really struggled with post-natal depression.  This was a hugely difficult time for me.  I found keeping busy and doing something I enjoy really helped me physically and mentally.  For me, I do believe keeping busy keeps you happy, and crafting and influencing has been a huge part of my life for the last year. 

Taking a leap of faith to try something new helped me in so many ways, especially with my confidence.  This time last year I was so afraid to talk to new people; I now talk to HUNDREDS of people daily on videos/business calls/live streams.  I felt so stuck, full of self-doubt and every day felt like groundhog day. My husband wanted me to believe in myself, with his help I managed to try, and here I am. 

I am very thankful I found my hobbies which I believe have “saved” me from walking deeper into depression.  Both through being an influencer and getting involved in crafting workshops I’ve made some great friends along the way, which again has helped me so much! 

I do think during this “lockdown” it’s particularly important to try new things and keep busy, and I’ve also found craft activities to be a great family bonding tool - without crafting the children would be stuck on their consoles all day!  Writing this blog post is a big step for me too because although I’ve done hundreds of collaborations I’ve never written one before.

I have tried many crafts by myself and with my children and enjoy both just as much - from colouring to sewing to painting and so much more.  Family time is important but I also now know it’s just as important to get my “me” time so I love nothing more than to have that hour to myself getting crafty.

I’m all about trying new and different things which is why I love knack’s craft subscription box as it means a new craft to try out every single month - I need the variety to keep me focused.  I’m super excited to join the June live stream workshop and try making my own earrings – a great way to make sure I get my “me” time at least once a month!

If you’d like to see what I do or give me a follow please come and say “hi” on my Instagram account @allkindsofdifferent - I’d love to hear from you ❣️

Katie Hill runs All Kinds Of Different reviewing all kinds of products.  She loves supporting small businesses, and helping other women and parents find out more before they buy.  To see more, check out her Instagram and Facebook group.

If you’d like to join Katie and our other knack Members for our June workshop, sign up here.

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