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"I love my workshops, how they include all the senses and allow for discovery, play and questions!"

This is a guest post by Suzie Hacker, founder of Soothe-Me.

Hi there, I’m Suzie the founder of Soothe-me ‘The Art of Healthy Skin'.

Since 1999 I have lived in East London but I grew up in the countryside, enjoying the outdoors, nature, plants. And being a redhead I had always had sensitive, sometimes unhappy, skin with hayfever, allergies, dryness, eczema, hormonal acne all making it a bit over-reactive! So for me using mass produced skincare was a minefield.

After some (well actually lots of) fun studying arty-designy stuff in London, I embarked on a career in digital design and advertising. Settling in East London, life was going well, but I still felt the pull of a different calling, and I signed up to learn holistic massage and aromatherapy where my love and interest of essential oils and how they can be used to help heal the skin and with overall wellness was ignited!

Seeing the incredible healing power of using natural ingredients in skincare first hand, I was inspired and driven to learn how to formulate my own a special skincare range suitable for even very sensitive skin, and my adventure in to making skincare began. And in 2006 I founded Soothe-me - after a lot of hard work and dedication it's now an award winning small batch & handmade skincare company and also a resource for wellbeing – a place to discover and learn about skin wellness and ‘green’ skincare.

I believe that by learning how natural skincare benefits the skin, the body and the planet, I can help to create conscious skincare ambassadors, who go on to make more educated ‘clean & green’ beauty choices and who (hopefully) encourage others to do the same.

Suzie at vegan skincare craft workshop

Teaching is such an integral part of what I do, I love the dynamic side of workshops, how they include all the senses and allow for discovery, play and questions! It’s a fun way to teach others how to take control of their skin health, to uncover their happiest skin and to encourage good self-care through a simple daily skincare ritual. So when knack approached me about teaching an online DIY lip balm workshop I jumped at the chance. I look forward to meeting you virtually on Sunday January the 17th where you will learn how to make your own Lip Balm from vegan plant based ingredients, and maybe it will be the start of your own skincare making journey!

Suzie vegan skincare crafter showing her handmade items

Suzie Hacker is the founder of Soothe-me, creating and making small batch all natural skincare in Bow, East London.

Suzie will be leading our January workshop, showing our members how to make a selection of soothing vegan balms, perfect for winter skin and lips.

See more and sign up to join the workshop here (deadline is 4pm on 4th January 2021).

Stay up to date by following Soothe-me on Instagram and Facebook, and check out her products on the website.

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