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"I learned the value of making things by hand and the importance of honouring the manufacturer"

This is a guest post by Sabinna Rachimova, founder of SABINNA.

I founded the ethical womenswear brand SABINNA in 2015, after I graduated from Central Saint Martins with a degree in Fashion Design and Marketing. My goal was to create a brand that challenged the status quo and redefined what sustainable fashion can and should look like without compromising the aesthetic of the garment.

Sabinna founder, ethical handmade clothing craft accessories

I wanted to create womenswear that puts the focus on the maker, encourages customers to learn more about consciousness and shows that empowering clothes can be colourful and fun.

It was obvious to me from the beginning that handcraft would play a key role in my brand as it’s something that has always been incredibly important to me.

My grandmother was the one who taught me how to crochet as a young girl and through that I learned the value of making things by hand and the importance of honouring the manufacturer. I spent many days during my childhood crocheting and creating clothes and accessories by hand so I truly understand the process and how much work goes into it behind the scenes.

Initially the focus at SABINNA has been on womenswear and accessories but soon we realised that there was an opportunity to bring our community together and pass our skills on to them and educate about the value of handcraft items.

We started hosting workshops in our studio in East London to really show how long it takes to create something, whether that’s a crochet flower, a beaded brooch or an offcut scrunchie. Our aim was for our customers to leave the studio with something handmade that they’ll hopefully hold onto for a really long time because they can now attach emotional value to it and appreciate it more because they’re aware of how much work went into creating it.

Making something by hand isn’t just a lovely freetime activity but it also teaches us so much: to enjoy the process, mental wellbeing and coming together as a community.

I can’t wait to share with you how to create a beautiful flower hair clip for summer.

We’re excited to be given this opportunity to share our workshop with knack and fully support their amazing initiative to promote mental wellbeing while getting creative.

Sabinna will be leading knack's July workshop - see more and sign up here.

Sabinna founder ethical womenswear craft accessories handmade creations

Sabinna Rachimova is the founder of SABINNA, a sustainable, ethical lifestyle brand for women. As well as designing SABINNA's garments and accessories which are all made in the UK and Austria, she also leads workshops at their Hackney studio.

Sabinna is also a lecturer at the University of the Arts London, teaching on the MA Fashion Entrepreneurship & Innovation course.

You can see more on SABINNA's website and stay up to date by following SABINNA on Facebook and Instagram.