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Finding Calm in Watercolour

This is a guest post by knack member, Tanya Kumar. All the images in this piece are Tanya's work!

Thank you, the wonderful knack team, for giving me this opportunity to share some of my thoughts with you! I would like to take this chance to tell you a bit about why I love watercolours, and my journey to finding animal-friendly art supplies.

When I say I love watercolours, what I mean is I am obsessed by them. My entire flat is adorned with paintbrushes, papers, paint tubes and pans. I have online shopping baskets bursting to the brim with more materials that I “need”. You can never have too many paintbrushes, surely?

Like most people, I played with paints when I was at school, but an off-hand comment from a teacher set off insecurity about not being “good enough” at arts and crafts. I have since realised being “good” is not the point. I started exploring with the medium again a few weeks before lockdown, and though my lines were untidy, my colours sometimes muddy, and I could not always get things to look how I wanted them to, I kept finding reasons to unpack my supplies and splosh some colour about again and again.