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Plant Technique 1
Plant Technique 1

Plant Technique 2
Plant Technique 2

Figurine Extra!
Figurine Extra!

Plant Technique 1
Plant Technique 1


The extraordinary Ben (Worcester Terrariums) is back by popular demand to teach you how to make your very own terrariums! 


Ben's Midlands-based business specialises in creating mini ecosystems, and his work has garnered him a huge Instagram following so we're really excited to have him running this month's workshop!


In this workshop, you'll learn how to create 3 pinky-sized terrariums using two different techniques. As the plants will be in sealed glass containers, the water is recycled and little care is needed other than placing the terrariums in a bright spot. So if you're not particularly green-fingered, we've got you covered!

The following will be in your box:

  • 3 x glass jars with cork stoppers 

  • Bun moss (Leucobryum glaucum)

  • Exotic plant cuttings

  • Lava rock

  • Coir substrate

  • Vermicast 

  • Tweezers

  • Spray bottle


The box will contain enough materials to create 3 individual terrariums with Ben taking you through two planting techniques. You can then make your third terrarium in a style of your choosing!


You can also upgrade your June box with extras including more plants, materials and even mini figurines to bring your terrariums to life! These will be available to purchase soon and we'll email you as soon as you can.

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