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Sophie (Unusual Girl) has been hooked on resin ever since making a catastrophic mess trying to pour a resin river table five years ago. Since then she's learned to tame the wild beast and now creates everything from wall art to small homeware items like coasters and plant pots using it.

Resin, the colourful, shiny medium known as ‘liquid glass’, has seen a phenomenal boom in popularity in recent years. As versatile as it is addictive, working with resin is a mindful creative activity with fantastic results even for beginners.  Resin can be a little intimidating and getting all the kit can be expensive, so this resin workshop is designed to provide all the materials & expertise you need to have a carefree and successful first experience.

Sophie will guide you through the essentials of mixing and colouring resin and using moulds so that you can create your own plant/pen pot, plus show you a resin pour technique to make a one of a kind glass coaster.  These pieces are a great entry to the magical world of resin and you'll be able to apply your new skills to all manner of other delightful creations around the house. Welcome to your new obsession :)

The following will be in your box:

  • Reuseable silicone pot mould

  • Glass coaster

  • 150g clear casting resin

  • 2 opaque pigments and 1 mica powder (you'll get to choose which colours and will also be able to add upgrades!)

  • Mixing cups

  • Stirring sticks

  • Sandpaper

  • Biodegradable nitrile gloves

You'll need something to cover your workspace (this one might get messy!) and some Sellotape for the workshop.

You can add upgrades to your box including extra resin, coasters, pigment and glitter - you'll receive a link to do this after you sign up or purchase.

28th February.

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