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Cyanotype 1

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Cyanotype 2

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Cyanotype 4

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Cyanotype 1


Cyanotype is a printing process that has had been used in a variety of ways but most famously in creating copies of drawings - Blueprints! Using some special solution, the Sun's UV light and an object of your choice (such as a flower) you'll be able to make your own beautiful Prussian Blue prints.


Your workshop leader is Laurel from arrietty, a textile tutor with experience running a range of different craft workshops. She will guide you through the Cyanotype print-making process and offer tips and tricks along the way. Once you have achieved your first prints you will have enough solution to coat up to 50 sheets of A4 paper!


Be warned, once you have tried it, your new obsession will be looking for interesting silhouettes to print with everywhere you go!

The following will be in your box:

  • 2x 50ml Cyanotype solutions

  • Sponge brush

  • Cartridge paper

  • Gloves

  • Instructions 


The box will contain enough materials to create a print during the workshop and another 50 following it!


All you'll need to provide yourself is:

  • A plant/flower or any 2D object with an interesting shape to print with

  • A small pot, e.g a clean yogurt pot

  • An A6 photo frame (optional)

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