Option 1: East Asia

Kintsugi x We Are Nomads

Hi, I'm Jane the owner of We Are Nomads and I'm really excited to introduce you to Kintsugi!


A bit about me, I source & sell homewares from Africa and beyond and it was through this that I discovered this fantastic Japanese craft. I had sourced ceramic cups from Morocco and upon opening the box, found that 8 of the 65 cups were smashed! It was through exploring a way to save these pieces that I discovered Kintsugi.


If you haven't heard of Kintsugi before, it is an ancient Japanese art that aims to celebrate the cracks and history of objects. By using this technique to mend pieces, we do not hide the repair we give it life.


In my workshop, you will learn how to repair a ceramic piece using this technique. I will show you how to prepare the resin, how to fix your chosen object and how to finish off your pieces. This is a craft that is mindful and engaging and it will become your new obsession!


It may seem intimidating at first, but Kintsugi is a wonderful way to add new life to broken pieces. Once you learn this new skill you will never throw broken things away again. Let's create something special and unique that has a story to tell!

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