1. How do I buy a subscription?

You can do so here - we have three types of subscription plans; a regular monthly plan, a 3 month gift subscription and one-off box purchases. 


If you're giving a gift subscription, we'll be in touch with you afterwards to provide a gift certificate you can print or send by email to the recipient and to double check all the details.

2. What happens when I subscribe?

When you buy a monthly subscription, payment will be made through GoCardless and you'll be billed on 4th of each month.  For example, for a workshop happening in June, payment will be taken on 4th June.  You don't need to reorder if you buy a regular monthly plan. If you buy a 3-month gift subscription or a one-off box you'll pay upfront. 


For monthly & gift subscribers, you'll receive a box delivered to your door with a new project each month, and you'll be able to watch a live streamed workshop with a craft expert to show you what to do! After subscribing you'll receive an invite to our Facebook group where you can 'meet' the other members and share pictures of your creations. One-off box purchasers will have that month's box delivered to them and gain access to that month's live streamed workshop.

Depending when in the month you subscribe, you may not be in time for the upcoming box. You can still sign up for next month, and payment will only be taken in the month you're receiving a box.

3. What's the live streamed workshop?

Each month, the live streamed workshop takes place via Zoom. Zoom is free to use and we will send you the link to the workshop so it'll be super easy to access it! In this workshop, you will be only able to watch the expert crafter complete the project and only a few questions from the group will be answered. These workshops are recorded so you can also watch them in your own time if you're unable to (virtually) attend or prefer to do the project at your own pace. 


For a fully interactive experience, each month there's 15 places for sale to join a private online workshop via Zoom where you'll be able to interact with the craft expert and other attendees, and share your screen to get more help.  If you're signed up for that month's box, you'll receive an email invite to upgrade.

4. What’s in the box?

It will be different every month!  Generally, the box will include all the materials and specialist tools needed to complete that month's craft project, packaged carefully to ensure its safety. Sometimes there will be a surprise free gift too!

We don't include printed instructions to save on paper - during our research people told us they preferred this - but you'll have access to the live streamed workshop and a recording of the video too. Your box will arrive a couple of days before the workshop so you won't have to wait too long to get started!

5. How does this whole voting thing work?

This is part of what makes knack different from other craft subscription boxes - our members choose the next project!  We pick a theme each month (e.g. leathercraft, jewellery making) and put forward a couple of suggestions within this theme on our members' Facebook group and via email.  Members can then vote or suggest alternative ideas (another way to show your creativity!).  

6. Where do you deliver to?

Currently we can deliver to anywhere in the UK.  Unfortunately we are not yet doing international deliveries, but we hope to in the future.  If you're reading this from abroad, why not contact us and tell us where you think we should start!

7. How are you operating during the COVID-19 pandemic?

The knack team is working from home, but we are still sending out boxes for delivery.  Public Health England has advised that people receiving parcels are not put at additional risk of contracting the coronavirus (COVID-19). Let us know if you need a no contact delivery and we'll be sure to let our delivery partner know. 

8. What about knack's environmental impact?

This is something we take very seriously.  In an effort to reduce our environmental impact, we try to use items which are reuseable/recyclable/biodegradable and as little single-use plastic as possible. If you have feedback on how we can be more sustainable, please let us know!

9. What's this about improving well-being and reducing isolation?

Having this positive impact is really important to us. Research shows that doing craft & other creative activities can help us feel better - by taking our mind off things we're worried about, helping us relax and explore our creative side, and giving us a sense of achievement.  We ask our members regularly how they are to find out if and how our monthly craft projects help.


Live streaming the workshops means they are accessible to people wherever they are, and whatever stage of social interaction they're ready to get involved in - reducing some of the barriers such as transport and physical accessibility. 


We also donate 50p per box sold to the Campaign to End Loneliness, so by choosing knack you're part of a positive impact going well beyond the members.

10. How do I update my details?

We take regular payments through GoCardless, so if you need to update your bank account/card details please do so there.  Feel free to get in touch is you need any help with this.  If you need to update your delivery address or contact details please email us at info@theknackbox.com.

11. Can I skip a month?

If you're a regular monthly subscriber, you can skip a month if you let us know before the end of the previous month, so for example if you want to skip September, you need to let us know by the end of August.  To request a skip, just contact us through the link in your profile on our site, or send us an email at info@theknackbox.com.

12. What's your privacy policy?

You can find our privacy policy here. We take payments through Paypal and GoCardless, so we don't hold any of your financial details, including your card information.

13. How do I cancel my subscription?

You're free to cancel your regular monthly subscription any time, just contact us through the link in your profile on our site, or send us an email at info@theknackbox.com.  You can see our full cancellation policy here.

14. Can I return a box?

As our boxes are made to order, we don't accept returns on these.  If there's anything missing or damaged (we pack them very carefully but accidents happen) please let us know as soon as possible by emailing info@theknackbox.com.

15. Any other questions?

You can contact us here or just send an email to info@theknackbox.com and we'll be happy to help!