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December Box Competition

As it’s the festive season, we’ve got an incredible gift to tell you about – a huge handcraft giveaway! Deep within the depths of 5 monthly subscribers’ boxes will be some metal knack letters (K-N-A-C-K); find one of these, and you’ll win a prize! These prizes will be the work of some incredible crafters - all handmade, all very special. You're welcome ;)

One-off box purchasers also have the chance to win something too! If you find an 'O' in the bottom of your box, you'll win our last remaining August box - the super popular Terrarium!

Subscriber box prizes

K1 – Naturally-dyed Fisherman’s Beanie by @billynouapparel

N – Beach Blues Scrunchie by @waranddrobe

A – Mini Terrazzo Pot by @jasminite

C – Soy Wax Winter Scent Candle by @happybyharper

K2 – Moss Dome Terrarium by @botanicalboys

One-off box prize

O - knack's Terrarium box by @worcesterterrariums

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