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Silk Sleep Wrap x Maria Callisto

Hey! I'm Maria, founder and designer of Maria Callisto, a sustainable body positive handmade lingerie brand.


Making a finished product gives me great satisfaction and I love wearing beautiful colours & fabrics, so a silk sleep wrap is just the best of both worlds!


Sleep wraps are one of the hair & beauty industry's best kept secrets for protecting one's hair and banishing the dreaded bed hair! As someone with natural curls, they are the perfect solution to stop it tugging on my pillowcases and for maintaining hairstyles.


In this workshop I'll show you how to make your own beautiful silk sleep wrap using two colours of your choice. I will guide you through simple steps which will enable you to do pattern cutting, sewing and finishing; skills that you will be able to use in a variety of other garment making activities in the future. Then it's up to you with how you use your finished piece: just in bed or styled with your daily outfits!

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