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Cyanotype x arrietty

Hello! I’m Laurel and I'm a textiles tutor. Through my Exeter-based business arrietty, I run a range of workshops and sell craft kits and materials online and at craft fairs. 


Cyanotype is a printing process that has had been used in a variety of ways but most famously in creating copies of drawings - blueprints! I have loved creating cyanotype prints for many years and still find a huge amount of enjoyment from the technique. I love the process of gathering and foraging plants and objects and then harnessing the sun's UV light to create gorgeous cyan blue prints. 


This workshop is designed to provide you with all the materials to make your own unique cyanotypes. I will guide you through the process and offer tips and tricks along the way. Once you have achieved your first prints you will have enough solution to coat up to 50 sheets of A4 paper. You might also wish to try the same process on cotton fabric. 


Be warned, once you have tried it, your new obsession will be looking for interesting silhouettes everywhere you go!

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