Discover a new craft obsession every month

How knack Works


3. Tune in to the Live Workshop

Every month we partner with a new expert crafter who runs a live streamed workshop teaching you how to complete the project. If you can't make it, you can watch the recorded version in your own time.

2. Get Your Little Yellow Box

We source everything needed for the project (letting you personalise some items too!) and deliver these to your door in super eco-friendly packaging, utilising as little single-use plastic as possible.

1. Have Your Say

Our handmade craft-focused subscription box has a new theme every month. You get to vote on a couple of options and the most popular one becomes that

month’s project.

Upgrade Option - Private Online Workshop

If the month’s project really takes your fancy, you can have a more interactive experience by buying a place in a private online workshop with up to 15 participants. In this, you can speak to the expert crafter & other attendees and share your screen to get more help.

June 2020's craft project is...

Jewellery 1.jpg

Polymer Clay Earring Making x Flamingo Jewellery

Chosen by our members this month, Eveline, of the hugely popular Flamingo Jewellery, will show you how to use marbling techniques to create beautiful polymer clay earrings in several colours of your choice.

Subscribe by 4pm on Thursday 4th June to get this box